0: The Fool.

The Fool

The Fool from the Tarot of the Spirit deck

The Fool.  The beginning!  And the end!  I love this card.  The fool is all about empowerment – setting out on the journey is the first step in empowering himself.  It’s all about our unlimited potential!  While it looks like the poor fool is about to step off a cliff, the radiant sun is a reminder that he’s cradled in love.  The sun rising behind the fool is symbolic of the first step of the journey.  

Upright meaning: The fool can symbolize a new beginning.  While we have lots of choices as we set out on this journey, lucky for us, there aren’t a lot of bad choices in our way.  Fortune has our back at the moment, so get out there and take a leap of faith.  The fool represents innocence and spontaneity.  It also encourages us to be brave – there may be a choice you’re facing.  Have faith in yourself, follow your heart, and be willing to take a risk.

Reversed meaning: We may be acting “foolishly” (that’s pretty easy to remember!), without thinking of others and instead being selfish.  In the case of a reversal, it can be an indication that more planning is required – do your homework before jumping in to something.  If you have a choice to make, think it through and be cautious.

Some of the great symbolism:

  • The sun represents the beginning of a journey
  • The cliff represents that we might not know what we’re doing
  • Little white dog – that little dude is going to offer protection but also push you forward
  • The white rose represents the fool’s innocence
  • The bag indicates the fool has everything he needs, but the bag isn’t open.  My interpretation of this is to remember to have faith in yourself – you’ve got the skills, tools, network required to get the job done.  Don’t forget to use those mechanisms!

When I see the fool in a reading, I like to remember that this card is all about the present moment.  We don’t know where we’re going.  There might be missteps (even right off a cliff!).  Those mistakes make us stronger.  We’re on the right path.  It’s okay we don’t quite know where we’re going – don’t focus on the outcome.  Just put one foot in front of the other.  Concentrate on the present and detach yourself from outcomes.

Be the fool today, be brave, and follow your heart.  xo


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