I: The Magician.

The Magician

The Magician!  Or as you can see from my Tarot of the Spirit deck, it can also be called The Magus.  This baby is all about Focused Action.  You’ve got everything you need – it’s all laid out in front of him on the table.  Interestingly, the table shows a representation of all the suits from the Minor Arcana cards: swords, wands, cups, and pentacles.  Biddy Tarot points out that these symbolize the appropriate use of mind, body, heart, and soul in the process of manifesting.  Use everything you’ve got to create something amazing!  The infinity sign swirling overhead our visionary friend reflects his infinite, limitless potential – how wonderful!  I love how the infinity sign is a little bit hidden in this deck.  It’s more obvious in the card from the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck pictured below.


Upright meaning: You have the tools you need to create magical change.  All it takes is focused attention.  This is the second step on the path to empowerment (following the first step with The Fool).  You can create the world you desire if you put your mind and attention on what you want to accomplish.  You have force and power – use it skillfully.

Reversal: This can mean that some of your skills or tools are being underutilized.  It could also be an indication that you lack a clear plan.  Remember, it’s all about focused action.  Is there a distraction in your life?


  • As mentioned previously, the infinity sign over the magicians head is a reminder of our infinite potential
  • The white robe is a reflection of innocence carried over from The Fool
  • The red cape is an indication that this guy also has some real world knowledge.  He gets it.
  • The red and white flowers on the ground are a representation of the duality of the world around us – the pure, white flowers are mixed with thorny red roses.
  • The magician points to the sky with one hand and to the earth with the other; he’s a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.

The Magician is such a wonderful card because it reminds us of how much we have and how much we can accomplish if we put our mind to it.  It’s all about using what we’ve got to get what we want.  When this card appears, remember that the magician sees you being successful.  Focus and commit – you have the power and energy right now to create something amazing.

Today, be the magician.  Be focused, eliminate distractions and see how much you can create!  xo


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