III: The Empress.

empress new

The Empress!  Our Earth Mother.  The Empress reminds us that beauty is all around us.  You’re in tune with the flow of nature and your environment.  You on some level have control over bringing things into existence.  It’s not that the world is bending to your your command; however, if you set your intention, things will line up accordingly.  Ultimately, The Empress is about imagination.  


The Empress is all about creating.  The first step of this creation, however, starts in our mind.  An architect doesn’t just start building a house – first he imagines what it will look like.

The Empress is ruled by the planet Venus.  Venus is the planet of love, creativity, fertility, art, and beauty.  She’s surrounded by the forest with a stream running beneath her, symbolizing her connection to the earth.

Upright meaning: Spend time in nature.  You have the potential to connect between the earth and the universe.  Sometimes the card can be about being pregnant or instead it can be about germinating an idea.  Look to other cards to determine the meaning (for example, the Ace or Page of Cups the Four of Wands can indicate pregnancy while the Ace of Wands can be like the “birth” of an idea).  New ideas or concepts you’re considering will be a success if you take them further.  Energy is flowing through your life.

Reversal: This can be an indication that it’s time to reconnect to nature.  You may be too focused on material things, you may be experiencing a loss of faith in yourself, or may be experiencing a creative block.  It’s time to reconnect with nature.  Get out of the day-to-day, get outside and get some fresh air!

The Empress is a deeply caring mother figure.  She encourages us to take care of others.  When we connect with the earth and care for others we create abundance for ourselves.  Reflect on the love surrounding you and use it to create even more.  Love is limitless!

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