IV: The Emperor.


While the Empress is our Earth Mother, the Emperor is our father figure.  The number four represents structure and order and that’s what this guy is all about.  This card is probably an indication that you’re a leader.  He offers guidance to others and he knows what he’s doing – his long white beard is an indication of his experience.

Importantly, the Emperor has a global sense that others don’t.  However, he’ll be overthrown if he doesn’t serve his people.  To stay in power, use your insights and authority to serve others around you.


Upright Meaning: In tarot it seems like most of the time, the answers lie in listening to our heart instead of our head.  However, in this case, when our patriarch appears, it’s time to use logic and analysis.  The Emperor is a protector of his world and those he’s leading.  He’s powerful and no nonsense.  He operates with order and structure and establishes rules and regs, law and order by setting the boundaries.  You’re in a leadership position.  Remember to look out for the interests of those you are leading.

Reversal: There may be an abuse of power happening in your life right now.  While you want to push back and stand up against this power, now is not the time.  To stand up to an abusive boss, it’s better to look for a new job than stand up for yourself and fight.  Empower yourself in a constructive way.  Don’t rebel against systems right now.  A reversal may also reflect that you feel like your life has become chaotic.  If things are out of control, use logic to bring some structure back to your life.

While the Empress is a passive, more intuitive sign, the Emperor is all about action.  He takes control of the world around him with the interests of his people in his heart.  The Emperor creates something meaningful in the world out of chaos when he comes up with a plan.  




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