VI: The Lovers.


The Lovers!  One of the most beautiful and also one of the most misunderstood cards of the deck.  Only when we’ve got ourselves figured out can we have lasting relationships.  While the Hierophant represented a belief system, the Lovers move beyond the orthodox set of rules.  Instead we discover for ourselves what we believe in and what we stand for.  The angel above the Lovers is Raphael, the angel of air and of healing.  He is associated with communication.  


No, not this Raphael

Upright meaning: Love, union, relationships

Reversed meaning: Imbalance, disharmony, misalignment of values

Whenever a group of three appears in the tarot it is meaningful.  In this case, the man looks to the woman who looks to the angel.  This can represent our path of conscious looking to our subconscious looking to our super-conscious.  Alternatively, it can represent or physical desire looking to our emotional needs looking to our spiritual concern.  You are attracted to that with which you want to merge.  You also understand that there can’t be a connection with another without separation: true marriage consists of knowing you are simultaneously united and separated.

Often the Lovers are an indication of a big decision that needs to be made.  Unlike the Fool where there aren’t bad choices, in this case, there are.  Proceed cautiously.  The easy decision is probably not the best.  Instead, the more difficult decision will produce greater benefit in the long run.  Be honest with yourself, don’t be afraid to seek guidance and ask for help.


Often the Lovers is about choices

Reversal:  When the Lovers card is reversed, this can be an indication we may have made a decision for instant gratification or made a bad choice.  Don’t dwell on this for too long.  Try to make amends, but more importantly, just try to move forward and make better decisions in the future.  Alternatively, a reversal can mean something is out of balance in yourself.  Return to the structure and rules of the Hierophant to gain a better sense of balance.






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