VII: The Chariot.


The Chariot is all about action and focused energy.  Some negative past influence may be having an impact on the present.  It’s time to see things clearly and take responsibility for your present condition.  Pay attention to nudges – an important message is coming to you.  

Upright meaning: When the Chariot appears, it’s all about outer strength and action.  If you’ve got a goal in mind, now’s the time to put the plan in motion and achieve it.  The Chariot has immense willpower to overcome obstacles he faces.  Notice how the Chariot doesn’t have reigns – instead he controls where he’s going through his own will – this is just like the magician.  The Chariot is all about leveraging opposing forces around you (notice the black and white pillars and sphinxes).  He sits in the middle of this polarity but is in control.  Finally, there may be some aggression arising along the way.  This is natural – channel that aggression into something positive.  Mastering your mind, mastery of your emotions is is powerful.

kerri strugg

Kerri Strug – real life example of the Chariot!

Reversal: A reversed Chariot may mean you’re feeling like things are out of control.  This is a time to “tighten the reins” and become more disciplined.  A reversal can also be an indication that aggression is being channeled in the wrong direction.  Don’t suppress your aggression – just repackage it as determination and willpower.

The Chariot is about movement, and about overcoming obstacles in your way.  There will be a struggle, but you’re determination, discipline, and strength will allow you be victorious!  The struggle will make you stronger!  It’s possible you can even have some fun along the way.  Assert yourself and be bold.





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