VIII: Strength.


Like a boss.

While the Chariot was all about outer strength, the Strength card is all about inner strength.  The power seen in the Chariot card is being tested in this card.  Those mountains in the background represent challenges.  The woman has tamed the lion, representing her overcoming her inner demons – ego, lust, impatience.  The infinity symbol over her head is the same as the infinity sign we saw with the magician.  She’s wearing white, like the fool, representing purity and innocence.  And we saw those mountains in the background, those challenges she is overcoming, in the Lovers card.

Upright meaning: There’s a conflict going on, but you’ve got the confidence, the quiet inner strength to overcome challenges you’re facing.  While this card is characterized by confidence and persistence, it is also a representation of love.  She’s taking a compassionate approach to overcome challenges.  Look at the situations arising in your life with a heart full of love.

Reversal: You may be facing a setback on your journey and you’re questioning if you’re on the right path.  You feel vulnerable.  Your insecurities arising should only remind you that you’re out of touch with your underlying inner strength.  Look at your past successes, the victories you’ve already achieved to regain your confidence.  You have an opportunity to overcome this present challenge.

The strength card is a representation of the power of the human spirit to overcome obstacles.  Know you can endure what life throws at you by drawing on your inner strength.  Believe in yourself!  By facing challenges with a loving, compassionate approach, you’ll find the inner strength to proceed with composure and maturity.  This card is all about being a boss.  Go get it.



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