XVII: The Star.


Did you know the Star card is famous?  It makes an appearance in Cecilia’s bedroom in The Virgin Suicides.  Check it out at about 24 seconds in to this video:

In any event, after the destruction and crisis of the Tower card, the Star brings us back to a place of healing.

There are a lot of similarities between the Star and the Temperance card.  We’ve got the same two cups with water and one foot on land and one in the water.  One foot on land represents her practical abilities and common sense.  One foot in the water represents her intuition and subconscious.  While the Temperance card shows water poured between two cups, in this case water is being poured on the dry land and in the pool of water.  Pouring water into the pool represents pouring psychic energy into the pool of universal consciousness.  By pouring water onto the dry land, she’s healing it.  Those five puddles of water forming on the land are symbolic of our five senses.  Like the Temperance card, the Star is about balance.  However this card is also about healing – the Star provides hope, renewal, and nourishment.  The seven smaller stars on the card represent the seven chakras.  Each star has eight points.  This is meaningful – the card number is 17, or 1+7 = 8.  This takes us back to card number eight – strength.  

Upright meaning: When the Star appears, healing is coming.  Have faith that you’re being blessed by the universe.  You’re also entering a phase of greater understanding of yourself.  This is a lucky card and indicates a phase of calm mental energy and balance are at hand.  You’ll develop a deeper understanding of yourself and come to a greater acceptance and love with yourself.  Because of the healing nature of the Star, this card is especially meaningful if you’ve gone through a (tower-y) period of despair or grief.  Relief is on the way.

Reversal: Instead of feeling hope or renewal, you’re feeling despair or discouragement.  Are you dwelling on negativity?  In order to move forward, identify what’s making you discouraged so you can move forward and heal.  There’s a stubbornness here holding on to past problems.  These problems don’t deserve the attention that you have a tendency to devote to them.  By letting go, there is great healing.  If you’ve been experiencing setbacks, return to the advice of the Tower – challenges are opportunities in disguise.  Only by letting go of something can we create something more beautiful.  The Star is positive even in reverse.  It tells you that you’re on the right path.  Even if there are setbacks on the journey, they’re just an important part of getting to your final destination.  A reversal here is a test of your faith rather than an indication of a negative outcome.  This test of faith will make you stronger.

Find your inner star.  For inspiration, take a walk under the night sky.  When the Star appears, know you’re on the right track.  You’ll need to put effort in and keep going, but use the Star as your guiding light.


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