XIX: The Sun.


After the darkest hour of the Moon comes the Sun.  The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the deck!  Rejoice!  Everything is as good as it could possibly be.  Everything is illuminated and revealed in all its truth under the light of the sun.  This is a YES! card!  There’s nothing but love in this card.  How beautiful.  

Like so many of the cards, this one is full of symbolism.  The baby is symbolic of the joy of our spirit when we’re in sync with our true self.  Babies are all about new beginnings, hope, new perspectives, and fresh thinking.  He’s naked, representing freedom – he’s got nothing to hide.  The brick wall in the background reminds us not to hold back or hide.  The flag that he’s got has actually been pulled down – illuminating everything, the same way the sun lights our path.  There are four sunflowers in the back, with four being the number of completion, and representative of the four seasons.  Flowers and the flower crown are symbolic of success and joy.  Celebrate!  Sunflowers also typically follow the sun as it moves through the sky.  However, in this case, they’re looking at the baby.  Why?  They’re looking to him for wisdom.  This is a reminder to us to follow the sun – look for the positive side of life.  The baby is riding a horse – horses generally are all about action and balance.  Like the magician and the chariot, the baby can ride the horse without special tools.  This represents balance between the conscious and subconscious.  Ultimately, this card is about enlightenment.

Upright meaning: This is a joyful time.  No matter where you go, positive energy follows.  You will have success in your endeavors, your relationships, and people are drawn to you.  It’s time to embrace your destiny and say yes to life.  This could be a time where you’ve leveled up in terms of spiritual understanding and insights.  On a more literal level, the sun can be an indication that you’re headed somewhere warm.  When the Sun comes up, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  You’re on the right path and good things are happening.  Yayy!

Reversal: Don’t fret – the Sun is always a positive card, even if it’s upside down.  Finding the good side of a situation may seem difficult, but don’t worry, the sun is coming out.  Setbacks may have you questioning things, and creating some reluctance in your mind about how to proceed in the future.  The clouds are going to burn off and the right path will become clear.  This current situation is temporary – sunny days are on the horizon.

The Sun is powerful and tells us everything now makes sense.  It’s a time of clarity, of illumination, and enlightenment.  This is a card of freedom!  Enjoy it!

redwood sun.jpg

Sunshine on the Yurok Loop Trail





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