XX: Judgement.


Can you believe we’re already at the Judgement card?  We’re almost at the end of the Major Arcana!  This has gone so quickly and I’m so excited thinking about what part of Tarot to study next.

The Judgement card is all about celebrating past accomplishments while becoming aware of new opportunities.  It’s about rebirth, absolution, and awakening.  You’re in the final stage of knowledge as you’ve known it – you’re being resurrected into new thinking and into a completely new stage.  

The card has lots of powerful imagery to consider.  Angels in tarot are always important, and generally indicate a divine message or important info to deliver to the querent.  Angel Gabriel is calling up to the figures below – he’s calling those who have passed on to their new home.  The seven lines from the trumpet, according to Psychic Madeline Rose, represent the seven tones of the creative world that liberates mankind from earthly limitations.  The sea in this card is the culmination of the stream that’s been flowing through the Major Arcana since the High Priestess card.  Clouds are generally a symbol of a revelation – symbolic of the way thoughts are hazy and cloudy in our mind until suddenly an epiphany appears!  The flag is an announcement of a change – in this case an important major life change.  And like the flag and the angel, the horn is the most glaring symbol of an announcement.

Upright meaning: When the Judgement card appears, you’ve reached an important stage in your journey and have had some kind of revelation.  This may be a profound, spiritual experience.  This can be about a calling in life and getting closer to making that calling happen.  All the pieces of your life are coming together to form an integrated story.  The integration heals wounds and helps you put the past behind you.  When the Judgement card appears, this is also a time for self-reflection and meditation.  Make sure you take the time to listen to this calling.  Through this reflection, you feel absolved of your sins and are released to take on new challenges.  This can be making some kind of final, major decision in your life.  This life-changing decision isn’t the same kind of decision you may have been making with the Justice card.  Instead of using logic, you can use your intuition to guide you.

Reversal: You may be doubting yourself or judging yourself too harshly.  As a result, you’re missing out on big things.  Have faith in yourself!  This is no time to be a wallflower.  Go forward with pride and confidence.  Self-reflection and meditation are key in a reversal.  Take time to think about things weighing on you and give them a positive reframe.  Use mistakes as learning experiences and move on with a healthier perspective.  No matter what, you need to move forward.  Like the old Chinese proverb says, “Be Not Afraid of Going Slowly; Be Afraid Only of Standing Still”.  

The Judgement card is trumpeting to you that you’re being resurrected into a completely new phase.  Don’t be afraid of this change – you’ve earned the right to ascend.  You’ve earned the rewards and good things coming your way.  Rejoice!

louis armstrong

the amazing Louis Armstrong




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