Ace of Wands/I of Fire.

Ace of Wands

Spirit is presenting a Wand – it’s like an opportunity is being presented to us.  We’re presented with our passion, our inspiration, our spark of creativity is happening here.  The Ace cards are also about our pure potential.  We have the potential to bring this creative dream into reality – all we need to do is put in the work.  

There’s lot of symbolism to consider here.  The hand, present in all Ace cards, is a symbol of power.  The light surrounding the hand indicates that light surrounds what you’re passionate about.  The cloud symbolizes some kind of revelation – out of seemingly nowhere, an idea comes into view.  The castle in the background indicates that your dreams can come true if you put in the work.  The leaves falling from the wand are symbolic of the tree of life and also reflect material and spiritual progress.

All the Aces represent potential.  They also represent the seeds of potential that still need to grow into something more sustainable.  We have the gift, but we need to cultivate it in order to make that seed grow.

Upright Meaning: You’ve got the idea – now it’s time to go for it!  You’re inspired – take this energy and put it into action.  Trust your intuition – this is a great idea, so figure out the first steps to get your project going.  This is some kind of creative endeavor or project.  A lot of creativity is happening here when this card comes up.  If this is a reading about family, the card can be a sign of a pregnancy.  When the Ace of Wands comes up, this is the time to draw on your imagination.  Let your mind wander.  When you’ve got an idea, start to take small steps to move it forward.

Reversal: This can indicate some kind of creative block or a lack of direction at the moment.  To adjust, take some time to meditate on what excites you.  If you’re being weighed down by day to day responsibilities, find a way to create some time for yourself.  Use that time to revisit a creative pursuit that makes you happy.  Try to be patient.  Through creative play, you’ll find your frustrations melt away and new opportunities reveal themselves.

The opportunity presented by the Ace of Wands comes right out of the Tree of Life – this creative energy is sacred.  It’s up to you to take the creativity where it needs to go.


mural in Baltimore on Broadway between Bank and Eastern


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