II of Wands/2 of Fire

two of wands

The Two of Wands takes the inspiration and creative idea from the Ace of Wands to the next level.  This is about future planning with unfocused energy becoming more clear and focused.  By planning and putting your energy behind your idea in a constructive way, you’ll have success.

The man in the Two of Wands is looking at a globe – the world is his oyster.  Globes in tarot are symbolic of achievement happening soon.  Globes also represent totality – there is so much out there for the figure in the cards to explore and discover.  The house that we typically associate with safety and security is to his side.  If he wants to achieve success, he’s going to have to take a risk and put himself out there.  That’s also evident with the mountains in the cards – he’ll face challenges.  However the mountains closest to home are the largest – it will be an even bigger obstacle to not set out on this path of discovery.  Sometimes the Two of Wands is about making a decision – sticking with what you know (home) or jumping into something new and uncertain.  When the Two of Wands appears, know it is imperative to get out there and take a risk.  There’s a lot that’s unknown, as indicated by the grey sky.  However, that red hat he’s wearing – it’s a sign of prosperity.  If you take a risk, it will pay off.

Upright meaning: The Two of Wands represents planning and moving an idea or creative project forward.  It’s hard to leave the comforts of your own home, but in order to grow and find what you’re really capable of, now is the time to take a risk.  The journey requires long-term planning and strategic thinking, but you’re ready.  The world is yours to discover and success is on the horizon.

Reversed: A reversal generally indicates a lack of planning.  Don’t forget the 5 Ps – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  It’s time to think about what your goals are and create a plan to tackle your priorities.  Start at the beginning.  Take some time for yourself to meditate on what motivates you and what you care about most.  A reversal can also indicate some fear you have about stepping out into the unknown.  It’s scary to take a risk, but your growth is being choked by staying in your comfort zone.

The Two of Wands reminds us of the limitless potential the world has to offer.  Sure, it’s scary to jump, but it’s even scarier to be left wondering what could have been because you didn’t take the risk.  Planning is necessary here, but you’ll discover even more than you planned for by taking the leap.

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