VI of Wands/6 of Fire: Glory

six of wands

The Six of Wands is a celebratory card.  You’ve won the battle!  

The wreath is an indication of victory, as we’ve seen before in the World card.  The figure is not just wearing a wreath on his head – he’s also displaying one on his wand for everyone to see.  He’s confident and proud of his accomplishments and is showing off.  The horse indicates strength, motion, action, and vitality.  Horses are also often messengers.  The message in this case is spreading the word about this figure’s success.  The green blanket on the horse is a symbol of commercial success and money.  Green is also symbolic of youth – there is still some growing up to do for this guy.  The yellow shirt is an indication of the figure’s personal fulfillment as a result of this success.

Upright: The Six of Wands is an indication we’ve won a battle and accomplished our goal.  We may be feeling proud and confident.  We may be getting some kind of public recognition for this achievement.  It’s a time to feel good about our success, to graciously accept the praise we’ve worked on, but also to not let it go to our heads.  Keep your ego in check and remember the good times are often fleeting.  Alternatively, this card could be an indication that you’ve had great success and accomplished something big, but are keeping that success to yourself.  It may be a time to promote yourself and build your brand.  Do this in a way that’s mixed with grace.  Highlight the help you’ve received along the way from others and remember to not let your ego run away with pride.

Reversed: You may have had a fall from grace and as a result, your confidence is bruised.  Alternatively, this can be a delay in or bump in the road to completing your goal.  Are you putting in all you can to accomplish your goal?  Now is not the time to be lazy.  Keep pushing yourself forward.  Your victory will require more effort, but the card indicates you’ll get there.  Keep going!

The Six of Wands reminds us to believe in ourselves, to have confidence and accept well-earned praise when it comes our way.  However, it’s also a reminder that it’s easy to fall from the top.  Be careful to keep your ego in check.  Remember those that helped you along the way and give them credit they also deserve.

kinetic sculpture race (2)

The most fun parade I know about – the Kinetic Sculpture Race!



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