VIII of Wands/8 of Fire: Lightening Path

eight of wands

The Eight of Wands is all about quick action.  Things are changing rapidly and nothing stand in the way of this rapid change.  

The wands are flying!  This represents the movement and action associated with this card.  The clear background is an indication that nothing can get in the way of the path of these flying wands.  The freely flowing river represents the change bringing new life to the land below.  Finally, the house in the background indicate we’re in a safe place and even though things are moving quickly, there’s security and love surrounding us.

Upright: Things are happening fast!  The card is all about quickly taking action.  Speak up if you have something to say.  Don’t back away from complex projects or issues.  You’re in a state of hyper-productivity and can accomplish more than you could have imagined right now.  Be direct and get things done.  Upright, the Eight of Wands can also be about receiving news.  In this case, the news is something that pushes you forward and with the card in the upright position, the news is generally positive.

Reversal: There may be a delay frustrating your plans.  Things may feel up in the air, or you may be stalling instead of getting a project completed.  A reversal is a call to action.  Get going!  Like the upright version of the card, it can also be an indication that news is coming your way that drives you to act.  In the reversed position, however, this news may be negative.  A final alternative interpretation of a reversal is that you may be rushing things instead of thinking them through.  Take your time and be deliberate in your actions.

The Eight of Wands is representative of motion and action.  It’s about clarity in your thoughts and making bold decisions.  It’s an action oriented card that tells you to go after it!

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