IX of Wands/9 of Fire: Eye of the Tiger

nine of wands

The Nine of Wands indicates the arrival at a peak experience.  You’re on the right path and are getting into a groove.  He’s focused and ready to defend his territory.  

The man is injured but not broken, and has won the battle.  The wands behind him offer protection, but he maintains his defensive and protective position, especially at the most vulnerable point in the wand-fence.  His eyes indicate a fierce determination.  He’s going to defend his beliefs and hold them firmly.

Upright: You’re feeling a bit tired after a long haul, but there’s yet another challenge to overcome.  You have the resources within yourself to keep going.  You’ve come very far and are almost finished this journey.  Hang in there!  You’ve got a bit of determination and skill left in the tank.  The Nine of Wands also encourages a risk-off position.  Be on guard and expect the worst.  The outcome will be more pleasant than your expectation.

Reversal: You may be feeling exhausted from fighting and feel like giving up.  You also may be facing challenges with resources to accomplish goals running out.  To move forward, you’re going to need to take a step back.  Take some time for yourself to heal a bit.  Take a bath, take a walk.  Think about times in your life when you were more comfortable going with the flow.  How can you bring that energy into your present circumstance.  This will give you guidance in how to move forward.

The Nine of Wands calls on us to find our inner tiger.  We’re going to need to muster the strength to continue to soldier on, despite already overcoming many battles.  You have the perseverance to get there.  More than anything else, this is a test of your faith.


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