X of Wands/10 of Fire: The Cage

ten of wands

The Ten of Wands shows a man walking with a whole bundle of wands.  He’s walking toward a house in the background.  The house is symbolic of protection and safety he’s achieved in building up his empire.  In many of the wand cards preceding the Ten of Wands, there were mountains in the landscape, representing challenges ahead.  In this card, however, there are no mountains.  The only ‘burden’ is of the man’s own design – the giant bundle of wands he’s carrying.  The plowed field represents the final stage of completion on this work journey – he’s reaped the harvest and now is struggling to bring those fruits to market.

Upright: The Ten of Wands indicates we’ve had great success and accomplished what we set out to do, but just because we’ve achieved our goal doesn’t mean we can rest.  We’re overburdened by all this responsibility.  It’s a recognition that even after we achieve something great, greater responsibility and burdens follow.  This is a call for delegation.  Figure out what your priorities are.  What can go, what can be passed to someone else, and how can you learn to let go of some of these burdens.  The card calls on us to figure out how to release some of our burdens so we can better enjoy life.

Reversed: A reversal usually indicates that you’re holding on to a burden but that burden isn’t getting you anywhere.  You’re taking on too much and are afraid to say no.  Think about some of the things weighing you down.  What value do these things bring you?  Consider ways to release some of what is weighing you down.  To get into the right framework, start by cleaning out your closet and donating things that no longer serve you.

Tens always indicate the completion of a cycle.  The Ten of Wands is the work/life balance card.  It’s a productivity card.  Where can you release some of the burden weighing you down?  Only after we identify what is important and what brings us value, can we figure out how to release some of the extra responsibility.  This will give us the opportunity to enjoy life more fully after our recent period of intense, hard work.


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