Page of Wands/Sister of Fire

page of wands

The Page of Wands shows a young man or woman looking out over a barren desert, considering the possibilities.  He’s got an air of confidence and is the guy who inspires change.  The prior wands have been really hustling to get their work done.  Here the Page is taking a pause, learning to mature that fire energy.  He’s learned we get burned with that fire when we rush.  The card is a reminder to release some of the past energy we don’t need to carry forward any longer.  He reminds us to pause, reflect, and breathe before we take that next leap.  

The lizard or salamander on his tunic is the symbol of renewal, vision, and enlightenment.  Salamanders also represent opportunity, resourcefulness, power, and resilience.  They are a reminder that big things happen through small steps.  These salamanders will come up again soon in the Knight of Wands and the King of Wands.  The mountains, as usual, are symbolic of challenges that lie ahead.  In this case, they also highlight the Page’s smallness in a big world.  They’re that inspiring feeling we get when we realize how small we are in a great big world, and how despite being so small, we can still accomplish great things.  Orange, seen throughout the card, is the color of creativity.

Upright: The Page of Wands is similar to the Fool in terms of our inspired, free spirit.  However, he lacks some of the maturity that the Fool has acquired.  He is an indication that you’re inspired and your creativity is bubbling.  You’re on the verge of a great idea.  You’re enthusiastic about this creativity brewing inside you and are moving with the flow of the universe around you.  Instead of rushing forward, however, the Page has grown up a bit.  He’s pausing, reflecting, and then considering taking the leap.

Reversed: A reversal is typically indicative of some kind of creative block that comes up as the result of fear.  It’s the fear of exploring the unknown.  It’s a call to be bold and take on the adventure.  A reversal can come up when we’ve jumped into something and now are facing some fear.  We start to question our self and develop doubt.  Check to see if your perception of the situation is the actual situation.  Don’t lose faith in yourself.  Take a pause, breathe, and then keep going.

The Page of Wands reminds us to pause and take it all in.  Let your smallness in the big world inspire you.

grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful reminder of how small we are

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