Queen of Wands/Mother of Fire

queen of wands

After the energy of others has burned out, the Queen of Wands keeps going.  She’s a determined, consistent leader, mixing intuition, compassion, action, and drive.

The Queen is surrounded by lions with two by her sides facing opposite directions.  This is symbolic of fire and strength.  Lions are also representative of the Queen’s courage.  The sunflowers represent life, fertility, joy, and satisfaction.  Her wand is beginning to blossom, an indication of warmth, sustenance, and fidelity.  The cat represents the Queen’s darker, magical side.  The Queen is the dominant feminine representation of fire.

Upright: When the Queen of Wands appears upright, it’s a reminder of both our strong-willed and virtuous nature.  The Queen is fiercely determined and gets things done.  While she’s generally loving and compassionate, don’t get in her way when she’s on a mission.  Like many of the characters in the fire-y winds, she’s got a temper.  The Queen of Wands is a call to draw on our reserves.  We’ve got what it takes to keep going long after others have burnt out.  Let the Queen of Wands give you courage and inspiration that you can accomplish what you put your mind to.

Reversed: The Queen of Wands reversed is the Queen’s darker side.  Are you being overly demanding or aggressive?  A reversal can be a sign we’re being manipulative in order to get what we want or are getting pouty when things aren’t going our way.  Alternatively a reversal can be an indication that we’ve lost faith in ourselves.  It’s time to draw on that inner fire within.  Believe in yourself and you can accomplish tremendous things.

The Queen of Wands attempts to balance opposing forces, water and fire.  This leads to quick shifts in mood.  When things are going well, the Queen can juggle lots of projects with a smile on her face and tremendous warmth.  However if things start going wrong, she can be quick to anger, so look out.  The Queen of Wands reminds us to find our inner fire, our courage, determination, and confidence to accomplish big things.





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