King of Wands/Father of Fire

king of wands

The King of Wands is a natural born leader, an entrepreneur, and pure manifestation of the energy of fire.  

Like the Page and Knight of Wands, the King also has those salamanders in the background.  In this case, not only are they symbolic of life and creativity, but because they’re biting their tails, they also represent infinity.  More specifically, the infinite drive to move forward against obstacles.  Like the Queen, lions are represented in the King card, symbolic of strength, courage, and fire.  Because the King is the purest manifestation of fire (wands = fire and king = fire), you can see that represented all over the place – the orange robe, the crown adorned with flames, and even the King’s hair is orange.

Upright meaning: When the King of Wands appears, it is a call to step up and take your seat at the leadership table.  Most of the Wand cards are about creativity.  In this case, the King isn’t so interested in the creative process.  Instead he’s all about taking that idea and turning it into something that changes the world.  He manifests a vision and makes it happen.  He’s a master leader, always delegating and finding the right people to solve problems.  This is something that is done skillfully – people will only do great work for you if they are inspired and share your vision.  A true leader lifts everyone up around him.  When the King of Wands appears, it’s a reminder to find a long-term view.  It also indicates there in an opportunity appearing to us to step up and take charge.  Accept the power that is coming your way, but remember not to take others for granted.

Reversed meaning: The King of Wands can be impulsive, ruthless, aggressive, and domineering.  When the King of Wands appears to us in the reversed form, it’s a reminder to be careful not to go from assertive into aggressive territory.  Remember to inspire and empower others and be careful not to take your team for granted.

The King of Wands is the pure manifestation of fire.  Wands represent fire as does the King court card.  This fire is pure enthusiasm, talent, creative ideas, and inspiration.  Double fire makes the King of Wands a King among kings.  The flip side is that without water, the King of Wands lacks emotional depth.  Without air, the fire lacks logic and reasoning.  Without foundational support from the earth, the King doesn’t have much to stand on.  The King can accomplish a great deal, but he can’t do it alone.  A tyrant won’t have much of a team, so cultivating a group of skillful teammates is essential.



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