Ace of Cups/One of Water

ace of cups

We made it to the Cups!  Emotion!  Love!  Intuition!  Here we go!

The Ace of Cups is an overflow of emotion and is easy to remember with the overflowing cup.  You’re bursting with feeling whether its love, empathy, or enthusiasm.  Now is a great time for connecting.  

Like the other Ace cards, the Cup appears in a cloud, seemingly out of nowhere, and can represent a message from the divine.  The hand represents consciousness of spirit and in all of the Ace cards, we also see the hand either giving or receiving something.  In this case, cups are a receptive suit, so the hand is effectively “receiving” the overflow of emotion.  The rays from the hand are an indication to trust the messages your receiving from your heart – you’re intuition won’t lead you astray right now.  The five streams represent the feelings impacting all five of our senses.  This also can be representative of redemption through sacrifice, reflecting the five wounds of Christ.  The sea filled with lotus blossoms is representative of an awakening of the human spirit.  The dove with a disc represents spirit manifesting in the physical world.  Generally doves are hopeful, peaceful, and pure symbols.  In some decks the dove is holding an olive branch, also symbolic of peace.  Notice there is no dry land in the card – water is everywhere.  And, of course, water represents intuition and emotion.

Upright: When the Ace of Cups appears, you probably are already well aware of the sudden outpouring of emotion you’ve been feeling.  This is a time to tune into your feelings and intuition.  Love is in the air and can either be about a new romance or new friendship blossoming.  This is a cup of emotional fulfillment being offered to you.  It’s a time to connect with others and deepen your compassion.  This cup is an indication that now is a time to give rather than to take.  Don’t worry, you’ll get more by giving anyway.  Upright the card can also be about fertility either in literal terms (conception or birth) or through the inception of an idea.  Check out the other cards for clarity.  The card is sometimes considered the “indigo child” card.  If the card is truly about the birth of a child, this new kiddo will be deeply empathetic, intuitive, and will be emotionally mature.

Reversed: When the Ace of Cups is reversed, it may be an indication that your emotions aren’t being expressed constructively.  Either you need to really work to tune in to your emotions and discern what is going on emotionally, or it can be an indication that you’re overwhelmed by emotion and need to do the work to release your feelings.  A reversal is a sign to take some time out for yourself and do some inner work.  Are you holding back from a partner?  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.  Are you exhausted from a roller coaster of emotions lately?  Try to get at the truth around you rather than your perception of the truth.  A flood of emotion for too long causes damage – think Noah’s Ark.  It’s time for some self love and emotional healing.

The Ace of Cups is a powerful card and it’s all about love.  The card is a reminder to give more than we take, to forgive and ask forgiveness.  Life is meaningful because of our relationships with others.  This card is a beautiful reminder of the beauty in the human experience.  Carry compassion in your heart today.

base of snoqualmie

the base of Snoqualmie waterfall

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