II of Cups/2 of Water

2 of cups

The Best Friends Card!  Twos are all about balance, and in the case of the 2 of Cups, this is about balance in a relationship.  This card represents two people coming together.  This is also a balance of masculine action energy (see how he’s reaching toward the woman) and the more meditative feminine energy.  This relationship is fun and carries a vibration of bliss.  Enjoy it!

The card is literally a marriage ceremony.  The lion represents the strength that results from the pair working together cooperatively.  The lion also is symbolic of romance, fun, and sexual pleasure.  The caduceus (or doctor symbol) represents health and growth.  The two snakes winding represent dark and light that coexist in each of us, representing balance in this relationship.

Upright meaning: The card here can be a reflection of a new relationship, either romantically or a platonic relationship, but regardless, a relationship where there is a meaningful connection.  This card is all about embracing opposites and celebrating how opposites can come together to create positive energy.  The relationship reflected in the card is one of mutual respect and care.  These are two people who work well together, and while the card can be about love in a new relationship, this relationship is built on a solid friendship.  Sometimes the 2 of Cups is thought of as the “Best Friends” card.

Reversal: Instead of harmony, a reversal is a case of disharmony in a relationship.  It can also be a breakup or a communication breakdown.  This can be people who aren’t working well together, who are perpetually at odds, and who can’t figure out how to work together.  This can be a distrust, but really is a function of a miscommunication.  If the couple is married or committed to the relationship over the long-term, this is just a bump in the road and can be resolved through dialogue.  Generally a reversal in the 2 of Cups reflects a misunderstanding.

This is a great card to pull.  It reflects a meaningful connection with someone else in a way that is fully balanced and fun!  The waters in the cups are healing and bring creative energy and inspiration in your life.  Enjoy the gift of a beautiful friendship.

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