IV of Cups/4 of Water

4 of cups

The 4 of Cups is one of my favorite cards and really speaks to me when it comes up in a reading.  It reminds me so much of myself.  I have a tendency to obsess with meditation, to take plenty of time for myself, “dropping in” and “tuning out” that I often miss what’s right in front of my face.  

This card is full of symbolism.  The cloud appears offering a cup out of nowhere, just like in the Ace cards.  One thing I think is interesting when comparing the 4 of Cups to the Ace of Cups is that the Ace of Cups is receiving the overflowing cup.  In this case, the hand is in the offering position, but the boy in meditation isn’t receiving it just yet.  The three cups in front of the boy represent the world and all the beautiful things it has to offer.  He’s focused on finding the answers inside himself, but misses the gift of love right in front of his face.

Upright: This card often comes up when we’re bored or disengaged.  We’re just going through the day to day motions.  How often do we sit down for a meditation practice just because we know we should?  Those meditation sessions are still valuable but don’t give us the powerful benefits of a session where the effort is more joyful and focused.  The card is a call to wake up!  Engage with the situation in the real world.  The time for meditative concentration is over – take action.  If you’re feeling depressed, you’ve created the isolation in your life yourself.  There are opportunities to reconnect – take the cup that is being offered!  Are there opportunities being offered to you, but you’re afraid?  It’s okay to be patient.  He hasn’t rejected or accepted the cup and he can take his time making the decision.  There isn’t a need to rush.  Finally, the fours are all about structure and order.  This is probably a time in your life where you feel relatively content.  However, that contentment can result in us taking all the gifts we have in our life, all four of those cups in front of the boy, for granted.  Consider some of the blessings in your life and offer thanks to those around you.

Reversed: It’s time to reengage with the world again.  Come out of hiding.  You may be too focused on your own issues to see other possibilities in front of you.  By releasing the focus on yourself and shifting your focus to others, you allow new opportunities to unfold.  A reversal can also be about a reluctance to open up and be vulnerable.  While you may think this only impacts you, be mindful that it effects others close to you as well.  Consider the needs of others.  Reconnect with people you care about and let them know how much you appreciate them.

13-dougie-twin-peaks-coffee.w710.h473.2x (2)

Wake up, Dougie Jones!

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