V of Cups/5 of Water

5 of cups (2)

Like the other 5s in the deck, the Five of Cups is a contraction card.  The card is a card of loss and of sorrow, but also reminds us that in those moments of immense grief, we have cups that are still left standing.  

Symbolically, the three cups that have fallen over are in front of the figure and that’s where his energy is focused.  He’s in the grief and in the flood of emotion – evidenced by the river in front of him.  The two cups that are still upright and full are behind the figure.  He doesn’t see the good things he’s still got.  He also doesn’t notice that there’s a bridge over the water.  He can still get to the castle, representing safety, security, and goals.  Bridges represent resources or help that are available to us.  Here it’s about moving from a stage of grief to one of acceptance.  Despite intense sadness and loss, all is not lost.  There is a positive aspect to consider when you’re ready.

Upright: Because it is water that has spilled, this card represents a loss that is more emotional than financial.  This is a card of deep sadness and grief.  It feels like you’ll be in this grief forever.  When you’ve given yourself time to mourn, know that all hope is not lost.  You can grow from this experience and learn to appreciate the two glasses that are still full.  Five is the number of change.  In this case it is an emotional destabilization that ultimately will lead to a change in how you approach life in the future.  It can teach us to love more fully, to remember that each day isn’t promised to us and to celebrate all the gifts we’ve got.

Reversed: You are moving on from a period of grief and mourning.  You’ve started to come out the other side of this grief, the card indicates you’re starting to engage with the world again.  This time you know what you really want, what you care about, and what makes you happy.  There’s been a shift in your priorities and you’ve grown from the experience of loss.  A lingering nostalgia and sadness remain, but you’re hopeful for the future.  Regretfully, sometimes a big loss helps us see through illusions to what really matters.

The Five of Cups is a reminder that life is precious and our relationships with one another aren’t permanent.  Treat others with love and celebrate all the good things you’ve got today.

snow bridge (2)

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