VI of Cups/6 of Water

6 of cups (2)

The 6 of Cups is a reunion card.  This is a card of nostalgia, childlike innocence, and happy memories.  

The children in the card represent innocence.  The smaller child is a representation of the past, and the taller child represents the future.  The figure in the back walking away can symbolize our worries leaving our mind for a moment.  There is a feeling of comfort and security with the return home.  However the garden is barren – can we really ever go back home?  The card is a happy reunion.  The daffodils represent love and joy.

Upright: This is a card of nostalgia and a return to happy memories.  This can be about an actual reunion coming up or simply mental escapism.  Following the grief and loss of the 5 of Cups, the context of the nostalgic 6 of Cups fits right in.  In order to heal from the pain of the 5s, look back at the past and the good times you enjoyed.  Take that happy, positive energy with you into your present moment.  The cups that had fallen over are full and upright again.  The card calls on us to experience life like a child again.  Find some simple joy as you heal.  Look at the world from a more naive perspective – through fresh eyes of love.

Reversed: When the Six of Cups appears in reversed form, this can be an indication that we’re stuck in the past.  Rather than a moment of nostalgia, we’re obsessing about the past to the point that we can’t move on.  A reversal calls on us to use our experience of the past as a way forward.  If you are stuck in the past because of a painful or abusive experience, seek help.  Do what you need to do to recover and release yourself from pain in order to move forward.

The Six of Cups is a happy memory or reunion.  Our past experiences shape our present moment.  The card reminds us to seek out childlike joy and perspective.  Play, love, and find beauty in everyday life.

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