IX of Cups/9 of Water

9 of cups

Make a wish!  The Nine of Cups is the wish card!  The Nine of Cups represents a time when everything is going well.  We feel satisfied, we feel love, physically, spiritually, and emotionally we are fully accomplished.  This is a card of success and accomplishment of our deepest wishes.  So what are you waiting for?  Make a wish!  

The man in the Nine of Cups card has a satisfied expression on his face, is well dress, and is surrounded by bright, happy yellow.  The red hat represents an active mind as well as prosperity.  The man in the card enjoys material and spiritual success.  The wall of cups form an arch, representing a new phase in life – one of material and emotional security.  The bench calls us to sit down and reflect on how lucky we are.  Take a moment to enjoy all the goodness in your life.  While the wish card is an indication of abundance in your life, the card is more about material wealth than other types of wealth.  Stay tuned for the Ten of Cups – this card is wealth on a greater level.  The blue curtain under the cups represents the dream world around the figure’s wishes.  This is a reminder that material wealth is an illusion and is fleeting.  It’s okay to enjoy but the card nudges us not to get caught up chasing luxury.

Upright: The Nine of Cups represents happiness in all areas of life – physical health, mental health, emotional stability, love, work, and relationships with those around is.  The card also is an indication that we may be daydreaming lately, thinking about ideas rather than putting in the work and getting things done.  That’s okay – joy is within reach.  Enjoy the abundance in your life.  It is wonderful to taste luxury in the material realm.  However, the card reminds us that that material wealth is fleeting.

Reversed: The Nine of Cups in reversed indicates greed and preoccupation with satisfying your material wants is getting in your way.  This overindulgence in self-gratification is temporary but the card hints to us that this emphasis on the self rather than on others is creating setbacks and frustrations in our life.  Keep watch over your mind and be careful not to run away with delusions of pride and vanity.  Be aware of the impact your words and actions have on others around you and be careful to be considerate of others.

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