X of Cups/10 of Water

10 of cups

While the Nine of Cups was a reflection of abundance from a materialistic perspective, the Ten of Cups is about greater harmony, greater balance, and fulfillment in life.  This is a special time – one of joy, deep love, beauty, and connection with others.  Things are aligned and working in your favor.

The couple in the card are bonded by love, not just for each other, but through a wishing love for all sentient beings.  This is represented by the two kiddos next to the couple.  The house indicates stability.  The green garden indicates fertility.  The river flowing  to the left represents a free flowing of emotions.  The rainbow above the family indicates the end of bad times and also can be a spiritual sign – a blessing from God.  The rainbow also sort of blesses the whole scene and drives home the idea that love is the perfect way to experience joy in the earthly realm.

Upright: You’re either currently experiencing or will be experiencing fulfillment, contentment, and joy in your relationships, especially with those you consider family.  Sometimes this card comes up when you’re about to visit your hometown for a family event, the holidays, or some kind of reunion.  This is a great time to connect with loved ones.  Sometimes the Ten of Cards indicates the beginning of a new relationship – one that will be happy and harmonious.  This card reflects that this is a time when you’re clear on your values and what you want.  The relationships and choices you’re making are in alignment with those values.  This is a card of ultimate happiness rather than the material happiness experienced in the Nine of Cups.

Reversed: There may be discord or trouble in your family relationships.  There may be fighting at home or little communication.  Be careful with your words and treat loved ones with care.  By giving love, love will come back around.  Respect and compassion are key.  Alternatively, a reversal can be about something in your life not aligning with your personal values and that is creating an internal struggle.  Finally, this can represent pressure to conform to a “perfect” life.  Learn to find happiness in your current experience even if your life is turning out differently than you expected.  The Ten of Cups isn’t a bad sign – there just may be some struggles ahead before we get to our version of the upright picture in the card.

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