Knight of Cups/Brother of Water

knight of cups

The Knights are some of the most helpful cards in the deck.  When we have specific questions we’re asking the deck, the knights give us direction about where to go, how to get there and help us understand how to relate to particular situations.  The Knight of Cups is often romanticized as a messenger of love.  That’s selling him a bit short, however.  The Knight of Cups is more complex than simply a knight in shining armor.  His dual elements of air and water are a perfect balance of intellect and emotion – he’s touching enlightenment.  He’s got grace and beauty and often comes up when we’re feeling unbalanced.  He’s a reminder to be gentle with ourselves.

All the knights are wearing armor and that armor represents protection and strength.  They also are riding a horse, representative of strength, vitality, and movement.  In the case of the Knight of Cups, the horse appears to be moving slowly, giving off a sense of calm and peace.    The Knight of Cups is facing a mountain indicating he’s got some challenges to overcome, but he can face them with the combination of his balanced intellect and emotional maturity.  The fish on the Knight’s armor represent emotion, creativity, and movement.  Of the four Knights, the Knight of Cups is the most intuitive and compassionate.

Upright: The Knight of Cups upright reminds us to tune in to our imagination, our intuition, and our creativity.  He uses his emotions as a guide to make decisions in the world.  The Knight of Cups also indicates this is a time where we may be especially charismatic.  If things are feeling out of control, unbalanced, and chaotic, the Knight of Cups reminds us to treat ourselves gently.  Take some time to generate some peace and move through difficult situations slowly, holding a mind of grace.

Reversed: A situation feels unbalanced.  You may be feeling overly emotional, moody, or jealous.  Take a pause and try to view the situation from a more balanced perspective.  Use your rational head to overcome your emotional heart and gain a better sense of perspective.  This can also be indicative of when you may be using your charm to get what you want.  This won’t serve you in the long run.  Are you being overly selfish?  This is a call for some self work.  Be honest and gentle with yourself.  Are the choices you’re making serving you?


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