Queen of Cups/Mother of Water

queen of cups

The Queen of Cups, with her double water elemental energy, is one of the most intuitive cards, rivaled only by the intuition of the High Priestess.  She functions almost exclusively through her intuition in a way that seems to defy logic.  The Queen of Cups is deeply loving, nurturing, calm and compassionate.  The queen is a master of her emotions.  She holds the only cup in the deck that is covered, an indication that her thoughts come from deep within her unconscious mind.  The Queen of Cups is surrounded by angels, a sea nymph, fish, and shells.  All these symbols suggest the subconscious.  She’s surrounded by water, symbolic of emotion.  However, notice how her feet aren’t actually touching the water.  She’s in control of her emotions and is calm, cool and patient. 

Upright: When the Queen of Cups appears in a reading, this indicates a time to listen to your intuition.  Follow what your heart is telling you rather than thinking with your head.  Listen to your dreams and listen to the messages you receive in your environment.  The Queen of Cups is also a deeply loving and compassionate person.  This may be a time when others are looking to you for emotional love and support, viewing you as a safe harbor during difficult time.  Be there for those you love, but be careful to have boundaries.  Finally, this may indicate a time to pursue creative projects in order to express yourself.

Reversed: You may feel overwhelmed by emotion or are having a hard time expressing yourself to others.  Don’t keep your emotions bottled up.  Write in a journal, get those feelings out, and consider whether your emotions are aligned with reality.  Use logic to think through situations clearly.  Be careful not to get caught up in negative emotions.  Meditate on compassion and love.



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