King of Cups/Father of Water

king of cups

The King of Cups is a master of his emotions more than any of the previous cup cards.  He is the quiet, powerful energy associated with giving love to others.  He’s a leader by example through his mastery of compassion and mastery of kindness.  

The King of Cups can navigate the turbulent ocean waters beneath him with ease.  You can see the ship and sea creature trying to navigate the rough seas, but the King has no problems.  This represents his complete mastery over his emotions.  This is the ultimate in emotional maturity, and that emotional maturity comes from great empathy and understanding of others.  The jumping fish and boat are an indication that the King isn’t repressing anything.  He’s allowing it to surface, he’s recognizing it, and dealing with emotions in a calm, peaceful manner.

Upright: The King of Cups calls on us to be balanced and emotionally mature.  It’s an indication to pause, to be diplomatic, and to put others first.  This is a time to give more than you take and to bring a heart and mind of compassion everywhere you go.  There may be a situation where you’re called to keep the peace in a group.  The best way to do that is to lead by example – that example is through love.  This is a time when you’re going to need to remember to be mature.  Don’t turn to gossip or get caught up in negativity.  Use the balanced energy of water and fire to navigate situations.

Reversed: When the King of Cups appears reversed, this is an indication we may have a tendency at the moment to be overly emotional.  Try to think logically about situations.  Pause before reacting to your emotional response.  Alternatively, you may be using your emotions to manipulate others and get what you want.  This will come back to haunt you.  A reversal is a call to take control over your emotional well being.  You are responsible for your own well being.  Things aren’t happening to you.  Your response to situations dictates your world.  To turn around feelings of negativity, meditation on compassion.  Do something nice for someone you love.

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