cups 2

While the wand energy we looked at before we got into the cups was active and energized, the cups are receptive and mysterious.  The cups are all about emotion, about what’s lying under our subconscious, and are about tuning in to our shadow selves.  The cups have everything to do with emotional maturity, spirituality, relationships, and love. Cups coincide with the element of water.  Water is always moving, always flowing, similar to the way our emotions can quickly change.  One minute we can be very joyful, the next minute something gives rise to a painful emotions.  The cups are also thought of as the suit of divinity, our our quest for the holy grail.  And like water can transform from solid to liquid to vapor, the cups are all about transformation.  

Cup personalities are deeply intuitive, mysterious, compassionate, loving energies.  They are typically creative, artistic, and humanitarian.  The flip side is the artistic temperament that can come out from a tendency to be overwhelmed by emotion.  To me, Leonard Cohen embodied what I think of as the quintessential Cups personality.

Element: Water

Astrology: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Season: Summer

Class: Clergy

Angel Representative: Gabriel

Minerals: Moonstone, Blue Calcite, Coral, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate

Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple

Animal: Fish, Dolphin

Major Arcana cards associated with cups/water:

  • II: The High Priestess (Moon)
  • IX: The Chariot (Cancer)
  • XIII: Death (Scorpio)
  • XVIII: The Moon (Pisces)
  • XII: The Hanged Man (Water)

All these major arcana cards are governed by the element of water, and as a result overlap with the vibe of the Cups.


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