Two of Swords/Two of Air

2 of swords

The Two of Swords is often about indecision or two choices where there is no clear “right” path to take.  However, more importantly it’s about willfully cutting ourselves off from emotions, as represented by the blindfold.  The sea behind the figure represents the sea of our subconscious.  The little rocks peeking through are like ideas bubbling to the surface of our subconscious.  However, the figure has her arms crossed over her heart chakra – representative of guarding herself emotionally in order to work to operate purely through logic.  While the blindfold is about intentionally being blind to a situation and how it impacts us emotionally, it can also represent that we can’t understand a problem and the possible solutions clearly.  She’s sitting on a bench, representing a pause in trying to resolve the situation.  Sometimes this pause is necessary in order to gain some perspective and clarity.  Finally, the blindfold can be a reflection of a time when either we try to ignore a problem, hoping it will go away, or a time when we don’t know all the facts.

Upright: When the Two of Swords appears, it’s an indication that now is a time to call on our logical brain to resolve a situation we’re facing.  Often there are two sides of a problem we’re trying to resolve.  We may not have all the facts, but can use critical thinking to figure out the best way forward.  The waxing moon in the card indicates this is a new beginning arising out of our possible solution to the problem we face.  This is an auspicious sign.  Alternatively, the Two of Swords can indicate a stalemate with no real winner or loser.  Instead what is needed is a truce – do the work to get to a truce so that everyone can move forward in a balanced, harmonious way.  The swords, symbolic of power and reason, are the best way forward when the Two of Swords comes up.

Reversed: A reversal can indicate a decision has been made, but it was the wrong decision.  When the card shows up in the reversed position, the moon is a waning crescent instead of waxing – an indication of releases and endings.  Cut your losses and move forward.  Alternatively, this can be about facing two (or more) terrible decisions.  While all the outcomes seem negative, use logic and reason to figure out the best way forward.  A final alternative interpretation for a reversal is that you may feel stuck in the middle between two people in conflict.  Do you have a role to play?  If you don’t need to be involved, get out of the middle of the situation.

There are many times in our lives when suppressing our emotional side is necessary to move forward, and times when it makes sense for power and logic to take center stage.  However these situations are often painful, and that pain can be seen in the way the figure is balancing those heavy swords over her heart chakra.  When the Two of Swords comes up, remember that waxing crescent – this is a new beginning.

waxing crescent

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