VI of Swords/Six of Air

6 of swords

The Six of Swords is the ultimate in finally making the logical choice and ending a bad situation.  It’s painful and often we need to shut ourselves off from that emotional side in order to get in the boat and go.  One of the most beautiful aspects of this card is that the water on the right side of the boat is the more turbulent water, while the water where the figures are going is much more calm.  They’re moving from a present environment of agitation and strife toward one that is more calm and peaceful.  You can see by the way the woman’s head is covered and angled down that there is some sadness and grief associated with this decision, but it’s the only choice.  

As always, water is representative of emotion.  In this case, it looks like they’re out in the ocean, a symbol of infinite potential.  The boat is generally symbolic of pressing thoughts in our subconscious that have a tendency to get us going and put us in motion.  Children are typically a symbol of hope for the future – in this case, where the boat is headed offers greater promise than the current environment.  They represent new beginnings and potential.

Upright: When the Six of Swords appears upright, this is an indication that we need to let something go in order to move forward.  What we’re letting go will be something we hold dear and consider important, but we can only move forward without it.  This is a decision that is regretful and difficult, and may be the result of our past actions that may not have been the best choices to make.  The good news is we now see the situation with greater clarity.  We’re accepting of this necessary change with an understanding that compromises eventually take us to the next phase of our lives.  This Six of Swords offers us an opportunity to change the way we view ourselves – we can move away from who we were toward who we want to become.  There’s also an indication in the guard that we’re being assisted by a guardian angel.

Reversal: When the Six of Swords appears in the reversed position, it’s an indication we’re having a hard time moving on from the past.  We’ve got a lot of baggage in the boat with us and the past keeps pulling us back, preventing us from moving foward.  When the card comes up in the reversed position, it’s a reminder that we know the right path forward and can have confidence in the correct way to go.  However there’s resistance on our part to get there.  The card calls on us to use logic and look at the benefits of making the transition rather than dwelling on what we need to give up in order to get there.  If external circumstances are preventing us from making this transition, this is an indication we need to do the self-work to get over our pain and loss.  Once we’ve dealt with our emotions and truly grieved, the universe will shine a light on the path forward.

The Six of Swords reminds us that while it’s hard to leave something behind, the future holds a greater promise.  Trust in logic to make this painful decision and know that a guardian angel has your back.

one boat



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