Queen of Swords/Mother of Air

queen of swords

The Queen of Swords is all about balance.  She’s the combined energy of the intuitive water and the logical air.  She’s the ultimate in logical thinking without letting her emotional side get in the way.  That’s not to say this queen is cold.  She is deeply loving – this is a universal love and a love for the greater good.  She is the ultimate in compassion and she manifests that love for all using her logical, structured, organized brain.

The sky in the Queen of Swords card is different than the turbulence seen in prior cards.  There is a clear blue sky, indicating the clarity and wisdom of the Queen’s mind.  Similar to the previous court cards, those high flying birds are back, representing higher level thinking and high minded ideals.  The bird is soaring above the clouds – an indication that the Queen get rise above the muddled day-to-day problems and come up with clear solutions to serve the greater good.  The clouds surrounding the Queen also are an indication of her independence – she’s hard to get to know.  The butterfly on her throne, similar to the butterflies seen in the Knight of Swords card, represents transformation.  The Queen has transformed into the ultimate mind of wisdom, clarity, and objectivity.  This allows her to think globally, rising above the more mundane problems in order to serve even more of her followers.  There is also a waterfall in the background.  Waterfalls represent our subconscious.  In this case, the waterfall is behind her – she’s not completely devoid of emotion; instead her emotions are balanced so that she can think rationally.

Upright: When the Queen of Swords appears upright in a reading, this is a call to turn to intellect and logic to solve problems.  It’s a reminder to not get overwhelmed by emotions and instead rationally seek out a plan to find solutions.  There is a misconception that is card is about being emotionless.  That’s not necessarily the case.  Instead, this is about maintaining emotional balance in order to avoid being biased.  This is a time to think with your head rather than your heart, but in the end the solution you arrive at will still be the most compassionate, most empathetic choice, despite using facts and logic to arrive at this conclusion.  The Queen of Swords is quick witted, has a sharp mind, and keeps it real.  She’s not a bullshitter, so if you’re fooling yourself or painting a scenario that is more rosy than it should be, this is a call to return to facts, logic, and rationality to make decisions.

Reversed: When the Queen of Swords appears in the reversed position, this is an indication that you may be more caught up in your heart than in your head.  Because you’ve become emotionally involved in a situation, it’s clouding your judgement.  Use your head.  Make fact-based pros and cons lists.  This is a time to be independent in order to judge a situation objectively.  Logic will help you plan your next move.  Alternatively, a reversal can be a time when you’re being overly analytical, cold, and calculating.  If this is the case, reconnect to your heart by engaging with the people around you.  If you’re isolated, this will result in more narrow-minded thinking which will only result in further isolation.

The Queen of Swords corresponds with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and the goddess of war.  She’s not the goddess of war in the conventional sense.  It’s more about strategy, manipulation, and skill rather than brute force.  Athena rules knowledge and scared wisdom, arts and sciences, poetry and mathmatics.  She’s a sharp woman who knows and respects her boundaries and isn’t afraid to communicate those boundaries to others.  Where are you being called to connect with your inner Queen of Swords?

athena (2)

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