King of Swords/Father of Air

king of swords

The King of Swords is very much aligned with the Justice card.  This is a powerful figure that uses clear thinking, logic, and language to speak the truth.  He promotes positive change through intellectual power and authority and has the smarts to get the job done.  He’s capable of moving through intense mental processes and the ideas that form are transcendent.  This is global thinking, not local – these ideas are transforming the world.

The King has a ring on his left ‘Saturn’ finger, symbolic of taking his leadership role very seriously.  His blue robe represents a spiritual understanding.  His purple cape represents compassion combined with wisdom.  The butterfly we saw in the prior court cards appears again, representing the transformative power of this kings ideas and the language he uses to communicate them.  The clear sky, like that seen in the prior card, represents the clarity of this King’s mind.  Again the birds high in the sky represent higher level thinking and high ideals.  Finally, the wind isn’t whipping the way we saw in previous sword cards – instead the motionless trees represent his unwavering judgement.

Upright meaning: When the King of Swords appears in a reading, it asks you to maintain objective in a situation in order to get to the truth.  Logic, structure, and intellect will offer the solutions you’re looking for.  The King of Swords is a man of ethics.  If you have a message to communicate, the King is an indication that you have the language to communicate that message now.

Reversed meaning: When the King of Swords appears in the reversed position, this can be an indication that we’re misusing our sharp mind to manipulate others.  We may be acting selfishly or abusing our power to serve our own needs.  This course of action won’t serve you over the long-term.  A reversal asks us to consider if we’re sending our mental energy in the right direction.  Are we being overly critical or using our words to hurt others and promote ourselves?  Alternatively, a reversal can be an indication that we feel confused or unsure about what to do.  If that resonates, the card is a call to pursue intellect and logic to guide us on our path forward.

The King of Swords is the guardian of social order.  He holds himself to a high standard of moral conduct and expects the same of others.  He’s not afraid of controversy and won’t back down when representing his beliefs.  How can you be a leader of conscientiousness?


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