III of Pentacles/Three of Earth

3 of pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is a churchy card, so we know to pay special attention – this is the divine aspect of the pentacles – work through teamwork.  The upward and downward triangles are also important – they’re an indication of balance between masculine and feminine energies, meaning that work is meditative and active.  This is a job you were born to do and you’re good at.  It’s important, meaningful work, and you’re doing it with a great team. 

The younger apprentice is working with two more experienced architects.  While he’s younger, there’s an acknowledgement that he’s essential to the project.  The pillars in the card represent balance – this is a balanced team where everyone is working together and the combined effort is greater than it would be if everyone were working independently.  Arches typically represent new initiations.  In this case, it’s acceptance and recognition by respected peers in your field.  This is an elevation in society as a result of a job well done.  The bench is a time to sit back and admire what you’ve accomplished.  Finally, the hammer is a sign of getting the job done.

Upright: The Three of Pentacles is the ultimate teamwork card.  Progress has been made in an initial business venture, but threes have to do with expansion.  The way to take the opportunity further is through collaboration with those who know more than you.  You’ll be acknowledged for your contribution by people you respect.  It’s a job well done all around.  When the Three of Pentacles appears, this is a sign that you’re doing a good job and to keep going.  You’ll experience success and fulfillment if you keep going.

Reversed: When the Three of Pentacles shows up in the reversed position, this is generally about an ineffective team.  Intense competition on the team is creating a power dynamic that is preventing good work from being done.  You may feel your contribution isn’t being recognized or you may simply not like the work you’re doing.  The card is about planning – a reversal indicates a time to bring more of a planning energy to the job.  Plan your next move in a detailed way to prevent getting stuck.

The Three of Pentacles shows three figures coming together with differing backgrounds and experience.  They come together in a way that creates synergy and results that are better than they would be separately.  There’s no competition.  It’s only teamwork.


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