IV of Pentacles/Four of Earth

4 of pentacles

Fours are about structure, and the Four of Pentacles is no different.  This is a figure that is a master of management and has the ability to close off the rest of the world in order to manage things of this earthly realm (money, work, the physical body).  While the figure has the ability to very carefully manage these things, he is tied down by those four pentacles – there’s not a whole lot more he can do.

There is a city behind the figure in the cards – he’s turned his back on the group in order to manage his pentacles.  The figure wears a crown, indicating an active mind.  Despite the order and structure the figure has created, the card is mostly grey, indicating this is a time of confusion.  The figure has a smile indicating satisfaction with his achievements.  The red robes are an indication of his ambitions.  Finally, the figure holding the coin over his heart is an indication that he’s attempting to shield his heart – he’s hoarding his pentacles in an effort to protect himself and maintain a safety blanket.

Upright: When the Four of Pentacles appears upright, this is a time when you may need to keep things close to the vest.  There’s a time to open the door to others and there’s a time to close it.  Where the Four of Pentacles appears in the spread is of particular importance, because there are both positive and negative meanings that can be associated with the card.  This can be a time to stay practical and avoid undue risks.  Alternatively, this can be an indication that by avoiding risks, you won’t lose what you’ve gained, but you also may be left feeling unfulfilled.  The Four of Pentacles can be a mind that’s resisting change because of the fear around losing the security you’ve created for yourself.  The Four of Pentacles indicates this may be a time when we need to be in charge in an effort to create order out of chaos.  By doing this, we run the risk of isolating our self from others.

Reversed: When the Four of Pentacles appears in the reversed position, the closed-off structure and order we’ve sought to create in the upright version of the card has turned into hoarding.  We’ve become greedy, miserly, and isolated.  This can come up when we’ve devoted too much time to our careers, without leaving time for spirituality or emotional connections with others.  This path has only taken us so far.  It’s time to reconnect.  The key to opening the door to others is in our heart.  The card asks us to loosen our grip on the need for security.  It feels uncomfortable, but leads us in a positive direction.






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