VII of Pentacles/Seven of Earth

7 of pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is all about the divine waiting.  It’s being in the moment when you’re anxious to move on to the next step.  The card calls on us to appreciate that we’ll never have the opportunity to be present in this particular moment again.  Take the time to savor it rather than rushing on to the next thing.

The grapevine in the card is an indication that the abundance the figure has planted is soon to come to fruition.  Those pentacles are almost ripe and ready for picking, but not just yet.  The hoe in the cards is symbolic of the work the figure has done to get to this place – we reap what we sow.  Finally, the figure seems to be thinking about the value that’s come as a result of his hard work.

Upright: When the Seven of Pentacles appears, it’s an indication that you’ve successfully used your skills to bring about the abundance in your life you’ve sought.  While that fruit is right on the horizon, you’ll have to be patient just another moment longer.  The card validates your hard work and your understanding that with this hard work will come a reward.  What you’ve been putting energy into will bring you rewards in the near-term.  The Seven of Pentacles asks us to be patient and appreciate the progress you’ve made so far.

Reversed: When the Seven of Pentacles appears in the reversed position, it’s an indication that we’re looking at a situation with a very short-term mindset.  Instead, think through the longer-term consequences of taking a certain path.  A reversal asks us to look at where you’re spending your energy and question if the expected return on that investment is enough.  A reversal tells us to think about where we’re spending our time and if that aligns with our true priorities.  The card highlights where we’re wasting our energy.  To avoid frustration down the road, realign your energy to match your priorities and where you’ll find the greatest return.


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