X of Pentacles/Ten of Earth

10 of pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is the ultimate balance and harmony.  The luxury in the Nine of Pentacles remains, but in this case, there are generations (and pets!) to share that wealth with.  The card is about passing on not just your wealth to others.  It’s also about sharing what you know.  You’re no longer the student – you’re the teacher.  

The Ten of Pentacles is rich with symbolism.  The grapes are symbolic of abundance and fulfillment.  The castle, prominently in the background, represents the fulfillment of goals.  The arch in the card indicates a new path – the path from student to teacher or the path to the next generation.  There is a new beginning associated with this path.  Within the arch, there is a scale – things are in balance.  There is balance in harmonious relationships and a balance between work and play.  Children are symbolic of the promise for the future – it’s about carrying your legacy forward.  The group of people in the card are an indication that there is balance and harmony in our relationships with others.  Dogs are often symbolic of loyalty and domesticity – a reflection of the shared success with our family.

Upright: When the Ten of Pentacles appears, it is an indication of great success.  It has been a long journey but everything has come together.  The card is an indication that family is important (either in the traditional sense or our chosen family).  There’s a recognition of being part of a community.  Your success hasn’t been only for yourself.  Instead you’ve built a foundation for the future.  You want to share your success with others.

Reversed: When the Ten of Pentacles appears in the reversed position, this is an indication that things are out of balance.  There’s something preventing you from achieving your long-term success.  This could reflect discontent within the family like a divorce or financial problems at the family business.  There could be some kind of coldness on the home front.  Finally, this can be about feeling like an outcast in the family.

The card is a reminder of the beautiful concept of “chosen family”.  They’re the people we surround ourselves with to give and receive unconditional love and support.  Our chosen families are those that provide us with the stability, solidity, belonging and comfort depicted in the Ten of Pentacles.

Finally, the Ten of Pentacles reminds us to take the gifts we have and share them with the community in whatever way we can.  ❤







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