Queen of Pentacles/Mother of Earth

queen of pentacles

While the Pages, Knights, and Kings are all about questions, movement, and seeking in the external realm, the Queens are all about going within.  The Queens are also all about heart.  In the case of the Queen of Pentacles, she’s about our connection to the material realm through our bodies and how we are grounded to the earth.  When things are out of alignment in that respect, the Queen of Pentacles helps us find the adjustment.

The Queen of Pentacles is surrounded by a lush garden, indicating material and sensual pleasure.  The rabbit hidden in the bottom, right-hand corner is both a sign of fertility as well as an indication that we should look before leaping.  Rabbits are also grounding symbols, given their closeness to the earth.  The mountains in the background represent the timelessness and endurance.

Upright: When the Queen of Pentacles appears in a reading, this is about a perfect balance in life.  This Queen is a master of work/life balance.  She is fiercely determined, deeply compassionate, and creates a warm home for her friends and family.  The card is an indication that you take care of others while also managing a career and personal self fulfillment.  The Queen of Pentacles urges us to be practical and resourceful, maintain compassion for those around us, and let generosity and kindness be our teacher.

Reverse: When the Queen of Pentacles appears in the reversed position, it’s an indication that things are out of balance.  Either work has become all consuming or we’re overwhelmed by the needs of others.  Something has to give.  Alternatively, this can be an indication that while our intention is to be nurturing, in reality we’re being overly protective and smothering.  A final alternative meaning is that sometimes the card comes up when we’ve become overly dependent on others.

In many ways, the Queen of Pentacles is a reflection of the Empress.  Both share the same deep compassion for others and for the earth.  Both nurture the world around them and encourage things to grow.  The difference is the Empress teaches us how to receive while the Queen of Pentacles helps us realign and reconnect with where we need to go.


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