VIII of Pentacles/Eight of Earth

8 of pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is the card of apprenticeship.  This is a time when we need to sacrifice some near-term enjoyment in order to buckle down and do the hard work.  This period of work takes us to the next level.  The parties and fun we miss during this period are small when compared to the benefit of what we gain through this period of more intensive study.  Talent isn’t enough.  The Eight of Pentacles is about learning, studying, practicing, and putting in the reps to get to the expert level. Continue reading


VII of Pentacles/Seven of Earth

7 of pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is all about the divine waiting.  It’s being in the moment when you’re anxious to move on to the next step.  The card calls on us to appreciate that we’ll never have the opportunity to be present in this particular moment again.  Take the time to savor it rather than rushing on to the next thing. Continue reading

VI of Pentacles/ Six of Earth

6 of pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is a card of giving.  It’s the healing that giving provides to others as well as to our self.  This is a time of having enough and also having the ability to share the abundance you have in your life with others who are in need.  By sharing abundance with others, stability in the community is intact. Continue reading

V of Pentacles/Five of Earth

5 of pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is an intense card – the card of destitution.  However, like other cards that have a church-vibe, this helps us understand the some of the most divine aspects of the suit of pentacles – those of giving and community.  The Five of Pentacles shows us what happens if we cling to the miserly attitude seen in the previous Four of Pentacles card. Continue reading

IV of Pentacles/Four of Earth

4 of pentacles

Fours are about structure, and the Four of Pentacles is no different.  This is a figure that is a master of management and has the ability to close off the rest of the world in order to manage things of this earthly realm (money, work, the physical body).  While the figure has the ability to very carefully manage these things, he is tied down by those four pentacles – there’s not a whole lot more he can do. Continue reading

III of Pentacles/Three of Earth

3 of pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is a churchy card, so we know to pay special attention – this is the divine aspect of the pentacles – work through teamwork.  The upward and downward triangles are also important – they’re an indication of balance between masculine and feminine energies, meaning that work is meditative and active.  This is a job you were born to do and you’re good at.  It’s important, meaningful work, and you’re doing it with a great team.  Continue reading

II of Pentacles/Two of Earth

2 of pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is a master juggler.  This is the ultimate in balance.  Someone once told me a story of a juggler who would juggle things at a local market.  People from the crowd would throw things into the mix, and the guy could just keep going.  He was the ultimate in turning adversity into opportunity.  When the Two of Pentacles comes up, this is a time when we’re all about balance, even at a time when it seems like balancing so much should be impossible. Continue reading