VIII: Strength.


Like a boss.

While the Chariot was all about outer strength, the Strength card is all about inner strength.  The power seen in the Chariot card is being tested in this card.  Those mountains in the background represent challenges.  The woman has tamed the lion, representing her overcoming her inner demons – ego, lust, impatience.  The infinity symbol over her head is the same as the infinity sign we saw with the magician.  She’s wearing white, like the fool, representing purity and innocence.  And we saw those mountains in the background, those challenges she is overcoming, in the Lovers card. Continue reading

VII: The Chariot.


The Chariot is all about action and focused energy.  Some negative past influence may be having an impact on the present.  It’s time to see things clearly and take responsibility for your present condition.  Pay attention to nudges – an important message is coming to you.   Continue reading