Knight of Swords/Brother of Air

knight of swords

There are times in life when it’s time to go FAST.  The Knight of Swords is the manifestation of the double air energy – it’s a deep, energetic focus on a goal without paying attention to anything else.  The tiny red heart on the horse’s bridle is an indication that this Knight wears his heart on his leave.  Like the other Knights, the Knight of Swords wears a suit of armor – this is an indication that it is a time to protect ourselves.  The horse is moving full speed ahead; this guy is all about action.  This knight is full of passion, full of ambition, and full of drive.  He is gallant and pure of heart, on a quest for a higher meaning.  His horse is white, indicating a purity that’s motivating this knight.  The butterflies adorning the horse are all about transformation – this is an important time.  Finally, the birds that adorn many of the sword cards are a reminder that this card and suit are a representation of high ideals and higher level thought. Continue reading