V of Pentacles/Five of Earth

5 of pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is an intense card – the card of destitution.  However, like other cards that have a church-vibe, this helps us understand the some of the most divine aspects of the suit of pentacles – those of giving and community.  The Five of Pentacles shows us what happens if we cling to the miserly attitude seen in the previous Four of Pentacles card. Continue reading

VIII of Swords/Eight of Air

8 of swords

The most important message of the Eight of Swords is that while situations can sometimes feel imprisoning, the figure has a way out.  The swords aren’t touching here, and her feet are free to move.  Take off the blindfold, babe!  Try to flip your perception and you’ll soon realize your prison is your own mental creation.  We have the power of personal choice to release ourselves from illusions.  The castle behind the figure is an indication that this negative thinking may be limiting us from achieving our goals.  Eights in the tarot are all about movement, or in this case, a lack of movement.  Now is not the time to jump into something headfirst.  If you have a decision to make, try to take your time.  That blindfold around the figure’s eyes is a good indication that we’re not seeing things clearly. Continue reading