II of Pentacles/Two of Earth

2 of pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is a master juggler.  This is the ultimate in balance.  Someone once told me a story of a juggler who would juggle things at a local market.  People from the crowd would throw things into the mix, and the guy could just keep going.  He was the ultimate in turning adversity into opportunity.  When the Two of Pentacles comes up, this is a time when we’re all about balance, even at a time when it seems like balancing so much should be impossible. Continue reading

XI: Karma/Justice.


The Justice card is all about Karma.  What you reap, you will sow.  Don’t deny the consequences of your thoughts, words, and actions.  Justice holds a double edged sword signifying impartiality – it cuts both ways.  The Justice card is one of three cards in the tarot representing the three cardinal virtues.  The others are Strength and Temperance.   Continue reading

X: The Wheel of Fortune.


The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that nothing in life is fixed.  While everything is whirling all around us, we should try to maintain balanced in our heart, mind, spirit, and body through all the ups and downs.  In times of sadness, maintain your equilibrium.  In times of joy, maintain your equilibrium. Continue reading