More Thoughts on the Major Arcana

After writing about each of the cards in the Major Arcana, I wanted to revisit this portion of the deck and think about how it functions together.  There are many schools of thought about this and one topic may resonate for some but not for others.  Here I’m attempting to think about what speaks to me, but is by no means comprehensive of the “true meaning” of the Major Arcana as a whole.   Continue reading

XXI: The World.

world tarot

The World!  The last card of the Major Arcana (sort of – it just cycles back to the Fool, so in that sense the Fool is both the beginning and the end).  Anywayyyy, I can’t believe we’ve already come this far.

The World card is a very positive card.  There’s been some kind of major attainment.  Like all the wreaths we’ve looked at, this is an indication of victory and celebration.  Liked the Hanged Man, the figure’s legs are crossed.  However instead of a focus inward, this energy is outward – looking out to the world.  The two batons in her hands represent evolution and balance.  The red ribbon is all about eternity – they’re in an infinity symbol representing the endless rewards that come from the effects of doing all that self work.  The four astrological signs in this card, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio, are back again – the four fixed signs of the zodiac.  We’ve seen this evolution of the four beginning back in the Wheel of Fortune, and now those four are coming to a point of completion.

Upright meaning: there’s been some kind of achievement.  It’s also about self-actualization.  You’ve reached the end of a BIG journey and it’s time to celebrate that accomplishment.  This has been a very important cycle, whether or not it feels that way at the moment.  Don’t forget to look at how far you’ve come.  So much has come together and here you are at the right place at the right time on your journey.  Make sure you acknowledge and celebrate this landmark in your life.  Like all endings, this is also the time of a new beginning.  The World card is also highlighting where you fit in to the world or where you fit in from a more macro perspective.  You’re starting to understand what you bring to the table and how you can share your gifts with others.  From a more literal perspective, the World can represent a major trip that requires travel coming up.

Reversed: A reversal can indicate you feel like you’ve put in all the work but you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for.  Don’t worry – you’re close.  There may be delays and some more grunt work may be required, but your patience and perseverance will pay off.  As with so many cards, this is a reminder to accept challenges along your journey as opportunities to learn.  The challenges are coming to a conclusion and you’ll find the completion of this cycle soon.  A reversal can also point to a feeling of a lack of closure that’s getting in the way of you starting the next phase of your journey.  What do the other cards say about areas of your life that need closure?

The World tells us that our whole world is in balance.  Your movements are in sync with the universe.  All your hard work has paid off.  As a result, you’ve successfully reached the end of this particular cycle.  Celebrate!

old map

XX: Judgement.


Can you believe we’re already at the Judgement card?  We’re almost at the end of the Major Arcana!  This has gone so quickly and I’m so excited thinking about what part of Tarot to study next.

The Judgement card is all about celebrating past accomplishments while becoming aware of new opportunities.  It’s about rebirth, absolution, and awakening.  You’re in the final stage of knowledge as you’ve known it – you’re being resurrected into new thinking and into a completely new stage.   Continue reading

XIX: The Sun.


After the darkest hour of the Moon comes the Sun.  The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the deck!  Rejoice!  Everything is as good as it could possibly be.  Everything is illuminated and revealed in all its truth under the light of the sun.  This is a YES! card!  There’s nothing but love in this card.  How beautiful.   Continue reading

XVII: The Star.


Did you know the Star card is famous?  It makes an appearance in Cecilia’s bedroom in The Virgin Suicides.  Check it out at about 24 seconds in to this video:

In any event, after the destruction and crisis of the Tower card, the Star brings us back to a place of healing.

There are a lot of similarities between the Star and the Temperance card.  We’ve got the same two cups with water and one foot on land and one in the water.  One foot on land represents her practical abilities and common sense.  One foot in the water represents her intuition and subconscious.  While the Temperance card shows water poured between two cups, in this case water is being poured on the dry land and in the pool of water.  Pouring water into the pool represents pouring psychic energy into the pool of universal consciousness.  By pouring water onto the dry land, she’s healing it.  Those five puddles of water forming on the land are symbolic of our five senses.  Like the Temperance card, the Star is about balance.  However this card is also about healing – the Star provides hope, renewal, and nourishment.  The seven smaller stars on the card represent the seven chakras.  Each star has eight points.  This is meaningful – the card number is 17, or 1+7 = 8.  This takes us back to card number eight – strength.   Continue reading

XVI: The Tower.


Yikes.  Change is coming, whether you like it or not.  This is a big change – you’ve outgrown the old structure you built on both a physical and mental level.  You must destroy it.  Allow it to crumble in order to make room for the new structure.  Remember that by giving something up you stand to gain.  Continue reading

XIV: Temperance

temperance 14

Temperance is all about finding the middle way.  At the moment, your head and heart are in conflict – this is illustrated by her having one foot on land and one in the water.  She’s also “testing the water” with one foot in – this is in contrast to the fool who just jumps in.  You can be in peace with the things around you and find peace within yourself.  While the Justice card was all about balance from a universal perspective, the Temperance card is about finding balance within.

Upright meaning: You’re dealing with a reconciliation of opposites in yourself.  This is all about avoiding extremes and finding integration with the middle way.  You’re listening to your inner voice and are making good choices.  When the Temperance card appears, it is a reminder to be patient.  Patience and moderation will bring about favorable results.

Reversal: Something is out of balance.  You may be acting impulsively and being impatient.  Consider things in your life that are out of balance.  Return to the death card and meditate on what to leave behind.

The Temperance card is about self reflection to arrive at an inner peace.  This card is all about an inner journey to grow.  Through allowing this inner growth to occur, you’ll arrive at profound realization and balance.


cheers to balance


XIII: Death.


Happy New Year!  At first I thought about skipping a post today since talking about the Death card seems inappropriate for New Year’s Day.  Then I realized, New Year’s is actually the perfect opportunity to talk about the Death card since the card is all about transformation and change.  It’s the ending and the beginning – how appropriate as we move from 2017 to 2018! Continue reading