X of Cups/10 of Water

10 of cups

While the Nine of Cups was a reflection of abundance from a materialistic perspective, the Ten of Cups is about greater harmony, greater balance, and fulfillment in life.  This is a special time – one of joy, deep love, beauty, and connection with others.  Things are aligned and working in your favor. Continue reading

II of Cups/2 of Water

2 of cups

The Best Friends Card!  Twos are all about balance, and in the case of the 2 of Cups, this is about balance in a relationship.  This card represents two people coming together.  This is also a balance of masculine action energy (see how he’s reaching toward the woman) and the more meditative feminine energy.  This relationship is fun and carries a vibration of bliss.  Enjoy it! Continue reading

IV of Wands/4 of Fire

four of wands

The Four of Wands indicates all that hard work has paid off.  You’ve completed your goals and perfected work.  It’s time to celebrate!

Arches in the cards typically are symbolic of a new direction in your journey.  In this case it can be a marriage or birth of a child or can be the next phase of a business journey after bringing your goal to completion.  The castle in the background is symbolic of achieving a goal – it looms large in the card because you’ve made it!  The castle also reflects stability and a solid foundation.  The flowers and wreaths in the cards are symbolic of joy and celebration.  Grapes and grape leaves represent abundance and blessing.

Upright meaning: You’ve completed a meaningful step on your journey and have reached the top of something.  This can also be exciting news like a marriage or birth of a child.  It could also be something like the purchase of a new home – see that giant castle in the background?  This is a period of harmony and stability.  Enjoy it!

Reversed: Because of the strong ‘home’ vibe associated with the Four of Wands, a reversal is usually some kind of breakdown in communication at home.  This could be tension between family members or may be an indication that you’re going through a transition away from home.  Things at home may feel unstable.

The Four of Wands is the ultimate party card.  Celebrate all the hard work you’ve accomplished.  This is one of the most positive cards in the deck.  If you don’t have a literal party in the works, plan one!  Take time to celebrate your success with the people you love.

black and white party (2)

The Best Party in Baltimore – The Black and White Party to benefit the Enoch Pratt Free Library