IV of Pentacles/Four of Earth

4 of pentacles

Fours are about structure, and the Four of Pentacles is no different.  This is a figure that is a master of management and has the ability to close off the rest of the world in order to manage things of this earthly realm (money, work, the physical body).  While the figure has the ability to very carefully manage these things, he is tied down by those four pentacles – there’s not a whole lot more he can do. Continue reading

IX of Cups/9 of Water

9 of cups

Make a wish!  The Nine of Cups is the wish card!  The Nine of Cups represents a time when everything is going well.  We feel satisfied, we feel love, physically, spiritually, and emotionally we are fully accomplished.  This is a card of success and accomplishment of our deepest wishes.  So what are you waiting for?  Make a wish!   Continue reading