New Moon in Pisces 5-Card Spread

The new moon in Pisces is coming up on March 17th or March 18th depending on where you are in the world.  This is a great time to visualize where you are and how everything fits together – a big-picture view.  The double fishy sign in all about creating balance.  Pisces also rules the feet – it’s a grounding energy that connects us to the world and helps guide our feet in the right direction.  This is the last sign in the zodiac and a perfect time for self reflection and healing as we move into Aries season later this month.  I had so many ideas for this spread, I couldn’t keep it to my normal 3-card new moon spread.  Let me know what you think!




New Moon in Aquarius: 3-Card Spread

The New Moon in Aquarius is coming up on Thursday, February 15th.  This is an important moon for clearing away what’s not serving us and releasing what’s dragging us down.  Importantly, February only has a new moon – there’s no full moon this month.  Do some reflection on what areas of our life need improvement.  A spotlight may come up intuitively and nudge you in a certain direction.  Use the following new moon three-card spread to investigate and observe.  Set your intention to clear away what’s no longer serving us.

This particular new moon also is a partial eclipse.  This provides an extra opportunity to reboot.  Finally, the new moon in Aquarius is about a leap of faith.  This Aquarius energy tells us to go all-in – what do you need to let go of in order to run full steam ahead?  Be brave and trust in the universe to guide you.

new moon in aquarius

New Moon in Capricorn Spread

The New Moon is the perfect time to set an intention.  What do you want to create?  With the new moon in Capricorn, this is especially meaningful since Capricorns are all about ambition, persistence, and getting things done in spite of obstacles.  This new moon can set us up to manifest our 2018 goals and we can carry this intention through our year ahead.

Here’s a three-card spread I created.  Please let me know what you think!

new moon in capricorn