We’ve reached the last suit!  Pentacles!  Pentacles are all about our foundations.  They’re the material world where we build our lives and the resources we need to fulfill our desires.  Pentacles also represent our physical bodies and can help us realign when we’re not healthy.   Continue reading

King of Pentacles/Father of Earth

king of pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a master manager.  He shows us the abundance that comes from the practicality of diligent, hard work.  He’s the culmination of worldly success, material satisfaction, and ambition at its highest level.  The King of Pentacles is a natural born manager.  Contrast this with the King of Wands who is a natural born leader.   Continue reading

Queen of Pentacles/Mother of Earth

queen of pentacles

While the Pages, Knights, and Kings are all about questions, movement, and seeking in the external realm, the Queens are all about going within.  The Queens are also all about heart.  In the case of the Queen of Pentacles, she’s about our connection to the material realm through our bodies and how we are grounded to the earth.  When things are out of alignment in that respect, the Queen of Pentacles helps us find the adjustment. Continue reading

Knight of Pentacles/Brother of Earth

knight of pentacles

Knights are very helpful cards because they’re all about movement.  They tell us where to go and what to do – and often this is what we’re looking for when we ask questions to the tarot.  The Knight of Pentacles in particular is about moving slowly when we want to go fast.  This knight has a careful pace and knows when to move.   Continue reading

X of Pentacles/Ten of Earth

10 of pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is the ultimate balance and harmony.  The luxury in the Nine of Pentacles remains, but in this case, there are generations (and pets!) to share that wealth with.  The card is about passing on not just your wealth to others.  It’s also about sharing what you know.  You’re no longer the student – you’re the teacher.   Continue reading

IX of Pentacles/Nine of Earth

9 of pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles shows a figure enjoying the fruits of her labors.  The card is bright yellow, indicating happiness and fulfillment, and the woman is surrounded by grapes and pentacles – the fruits of her labor.  While there is much for the woman to celebrate, the expression on the woman’s face isn’t one of joy.  She has a lonely vibe – a good indication that the abundance enjoyed from all that hard work still isn’t enough.  We need to share this abundance with others for true fulfillment.  Continue reading

VIII of Pentacles/Eight of Earth

8 of pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is the card of apprenticeship.  This is a time when we need to sacrifice some near-term enjoyment in order to buckle down and do the hard work.  This period of work takes us to the next level.  The parties and fun we miss during this period are small when compared to the benefit of what we gain through this period of more intensive study.  Talent isn’t enough.  The Eight of Pentacles is about learning, studying, practicing, and putting in the reps to get to the expert level. Continue reading