V of Pentacles/Five of Earth

5 of pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is an intense card – the card of destitution.  However, like other cards that have a church-vibe, this helps us understand the some of the most divine aspects of the suit of pentacles – those of giving and community.  The Five of Pentacles shows us what happens if we cling to the miserly attitude seen in the previous Four of Pentacles card. Continue reading

IV of Pentacles/Four of Earth

4 of pentacles

Fours are about structure, and the Four of Pentacles is no different.  This is a figure that is a master of management and has the ability to close off the rest of the world in order to manage things of this earthly realm (money, work, the physical body).  While the figure has the ability to very carefully manage these things, he is tied down by those four pentacles – there’s not a whole lot more he can do. Continue reading

III of Pentacles/Three of Earth

3 of pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is a churchy card, so we know to pay special attention – this is the divine aspect of the pentacles – work through teamwork.  The upward and downward triangles are also important – they’re an indication of balance between masculine and feminine energies, meaning that work is meditative and active.  This is a job you were born to do and you’re good at.  It’s important, meaningful work, and you’re doing it with a great team.  Continue reading

II of Pentacles/Two of Earth

2 of pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is a master juggler.  This is the ultimate in balance.  Someone once told me a story of a juggler who would juggle things at a local market.  People from the crowd would throw things into the mix, and the guy could just keep going.  He was the ultimate in turning adversity into opportunity.  When the Two of Pentacles comes up, this is a time when we’re all about balance, even at a time when it seems like balancing so much should be impossible. Continue reading

Ace of Pentacles/One of Earth

ace of pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles represents a new opportunity.  This is similar to the energy of the other Aces but in this case the new opportunity generally relates to work or a new business proposition where you have the opportunity to manifest something in the earthly realm.  The hand in this card is receiving the pentacle – this new opportunity will arise for you without you actively bringing it into being.  That being said, you’ll need to put energy and planning behind the idea, as well see in the later pentacle cards following the ace.   Continue reading



The Swords are probably the most difficult suit of the tarot.  They represent conflict, strife, and often times devastation and grief.  There is also a great deal of beauty in the Swords.  They represent intelligence and deep wisdom, they represent the logic we can use to create structure and order in the world in order to manifest a society where we try to make things fair.  Continue reading

King of Swords/Father of Air

king of swords

The King of Swords is very much aligned with the Justice card.  This is a powerful figure that uses clear thinking, logic, and language to speak the truth.  He promotes positive change through intellectual power and authority and has the smarts to get the job done.  He’s capable of moving through intense mental processes and the ideas that form are transcendent.  This is global thinking, not local – these ideas are transforming the world. Continue reading

Queen of Swords/Mother of Air

queen of swords

The Queen of Swords is all about balance.  She’s the combined energy of the intuitive water and the logical air.  She’s the ultimate in logical thinking without letting her emotional side get in the way.  That’s not to say this queen is cold.  She is deeply loving – this is a universal love and a love for the greater good.  She is the ultimate in compassion and she manifests that love for all using her logical, structured, organized brain. Continue reading

Knight of Swords/Brother of Air

knight of swords

There are times in life when it’s time to go FAST.  The Knight of Swords is the manifestation of the double air energy – it’s a deep, energetic focus on a goal without paying attention to anything else.  The tiny red heart on the horse’s bridle is an indication that this Knight wears his heart on his leave.  Like the other Knights, the Knight of Swords wears a suit of armor – this is an indication that it is a time to protect ourselves.  The horse is moving full speed ahead; this guy is all about action.  This knight is full of passion, full of ambition, and full of drive.  He is gallant and pure of heart, on a quest for a higher meaning.  His horse is white, indicating a purity that’s motivating this knight.  The butterflies adorning the horse are all about transformation – this is an important time.  Finally, the birds that adorn many of the sword cards are a reminder that this card and suit are a representation of high ideals and higher level thought. Continue reading

Page of Swords/Sister of Air

page of swords

The pages hold the energy of the suit they appear in, and the Page of Swords is no exception.  The Page of Swords is curiosity in its purest form.  He’s a young hero.  I think in an episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul, Lindsay Mack compares the Page of Swords to Aladin.  The Page of Swords brings together the grounding energy of the earth with the movement energy of the suit of swords.  This is communication and intellect in its purest form – this Page has a big heart and wants to use his mind and his voice to make a difference in the world. Continue reading